“Snowmobile Capital of the East”- Old Forge, NY

Jan 18 2017


Ladies and gentlemen start your sleds!  Old Forge, New York in the Adirondacks is the snowmobile capital of the northeast.

Here in Old Forge the snowmobile trail system connects with all major snowmobile trail systems in Central and Upstate New York. Enjoy the ride because each day two shifts of paid trail groomers keep the more than 500 miles of trails in top condition. Bring your cameras and take in the beautiful Adirondack mountains as you commandeer your sled through snow-covered forests, along frozen tundra’s and into communities of snow lovers.

Even this much fun needs to take a break, so rest yourself and your sled. The area is alive with many fine restaurants and taverns that cater to the snowmobiling community. Start your day off right with a cup of coffee at Ozzie’s Coffee Bar and end your day with a delicious meal from the Steakhouse. See the full list of restaurants at here!

To make your snowmobile vacation both enjoyable and safe, please take note of New York State and local laws and regulations pertaining to road and trail riding.

To learn more about our area you can visit our websites at www.oldforgeny.com or www.inletny.com.

There’s fun in numbers, so consider joining a snowmobile club!

New York State passed a law in 2006 that raised the New York State snowmobile registration fee to $100 unless you belong to a club recognized by the New York State Snowmobile Association (NYSSA). The fee remains at $45 for those who are members of NYSSA-recognized clubs.

The Towns of Webb and Inlet encourage you to join one of the local clubs here in the Central Adirondack area. The annual membership dues for most of the local clubs will be $30 for a family and will include husband, wife and any children living at the same address under the age of 18. These membership dues will entitle you to the voucher necessary to register your snowmobile with New York State for the lower registration fee of $45 per snowmobile. Local clubs in the area that are adjacent to our trail system include:


Beaver River Association of Skiers & Snowmobilers (BRASS)

Herkimer County (join BRASS),

Inlet Barnstormers Snowmobile Club

Hamilton County (join the Barnstormers online)

Trackside Blazers Snowmobile Club

Oneida County (join Trackside Blazers)

Brantingham Snowmobile Club

Lewis County (join the Brantingham Club).


You can join any New York State Snowmobile Association club online using a credit card.


Get your trail pass http://oldforgeny.com/snow/permits.html


Happy riding!