Eye Spy Old Forge Edition:

Apr 26 2020

Turn your car ride in Old Forge into a fun and exciting game of Eye Spy! Through this unique adventure into the Adirondacks, you might even find fulfilling dinner options, indulgent ice cream shops to try, or activities for the entire family to enjoy!

Eye Spy:  A Horse

Saddle up and enjoy a guided tour of scenic trails on horseback with the Adirondack Saddle Tours. Visitors can ride to Cascade, Moss Lake, the High Peaks and many other parts of Inlet!

Eye Spy: Boats

From kayaks to boats, the Adirondacks have many boats to rent or buy, along with launches and docks for public use! You and your family can kayak down Moose River, jet ski around one of the Adirondacks’ many lakes.

someones feet resting on the boat with the lake and trees beyond

Eye Spy:  A Moose

If you’re lucky, you may be able to spot Walter Safari at Enchanted Forest Water Safari. He only comes out on special days in the summer, so don’t be discouraged if you didn’t see him during your visit. Instead, you can visit the colorful moose on display in front of View Arts Center!

While you’re there, check out the fascinating art exhibitions or attend a class where you can learn anything from watercolor painting to jewelry making.

Eye Spy:  Ice Cream

Whether it’s a hot and sunny day outside, or dark and gloomy with rain clouds, ice cream will always brighten up the family’s day! Plus, if your kids are whining that you keep winning this Eye Spy Challenge, they’ll cheer up when they try their favorite flavors! Various locations serve the tasty treat, including Pied Piper and Benny’s Ice Cream.

Eye Spy:  Delicious Food

The Adirondacks have a wide array of food options for the picky eaters in the family, or for anyone with food allergies. Stop by Wisk Baking Company or Ozzie’s Coffee Bar for delectable pastries and drinks for a relaxed breakfast before the packed day ahead. Grab a hot dog at the ADK Dog House for lunch and stop by a restaurant before you head home for dinner. Enjoy pizza and wings at Screamen Eagle, a home-cooked Italian meal from Frankie’s Taste of Italy, or a fresh fish fry at Walt’s Diner on Friday nights!

Let’s make this game a little more challenging…

Eye Spy:  Adirondack Chairs

Named after the Adirondack Park, these chairs could be found on many campers’ porches, some storefronts, or on the beach overlooking the water. They can be any color and made of wood or plastic.

Eye Spy:  Loons

Loons and ducks love to hang out in most of the lakes in Old Forge! One of the most likely places for visitors to spot them is on the Old Forge Pond. Remember, though… these are wild animals, so please respect their space and do not feed them.

Eye Spy:  Flowers

Often, businesses in the Adirondack area display hanging baskets or beautiful floral arrangements around their doorsteps. Mountain Greenery is the perfect place for restaurants and shops to find these flowers, and you should stop in to see the amazing colors and smell the lovely fragrances whilst on your adventure!

Eye Spy:  Deer

Watch out for deer on Main Street because they have minds of their own! Be careful and drive safely around town, keeping an eye open for all sorts of wildlife.