Apr 19 2017

Who needs a zoo when you’ve got the Adirondacks? Spend a few hours in the Adirondack Park and marvel at the more than 50 species of mammals and more than 100 species of birds that call it home.

Here’s a list of our favorite animals & some fun facts! 

•Adirondack Owls – They nest in tree cavities and feed on rodents, but will also eat small birds and insects. They are quite tolerant and allow a close approach.

•American Mink- Mink is a mammal that belongs to the family of weasels.

•Bald Eagles— Did you know a group of eagles is known as a jubilee?

•Beavers- The beaver is mainly a nocturnal animal.

•Black Bears—A little more than half of the state’s black bear population lives in the Adirondack Park. Although they are considered dangerous, they are actually one of the most elusive creatures in the region and tend to avoid human contact.

•Bobcats- One Adirondack bobcat is known to have lived 16-17 years, the record for individuals living in the wild.

•Eastern Cougars—Cougars nearly went extinct in the Adirondacks by the 1900’s, but cougar sightings continued.

•Fishers—Did you know fishers have the ability to take down a porcupine, but their dietary habits make them omnivores.

•Flying Squirrels- Flying squirrels don’t really fly. They jump from high in a tree glide through the air like a kite

•Moose— One the area’s signature animals, the AdirondackMoose can be more than six-feet tall from hoof to should and weigh more than half a ton, making them the largest mammal in New York State.

•Porcupines Did you know that a baby porcupine is called a porcupette and a group of porcupines is called a prickle?

•Star-nosed Moles- They are almost completely blind, so they use the 22 tentacles around their nose to detect prey.  They have 25,000 sensors in their tentacles, making them very sensitive.

•Wolves —Wolves disappeared from the Adirondacks for a long time due to habitat destruction and overhunting, but it has recently been discovered that they may be naturally repopulating the region.


Enjoy these marvelous creatures, but always remember, you are on their property, stay safe and enjoy them from a distance. After a day of Adirondack Adventures, enjoy a fun filled evening at Calypso’s Cove and an overnight stay at a Water Safari Resort property; Waters Edge Inn or Old Forge Camping Resort.