Bike, Hike and views in Adirondacks

Aug 23 2017

Black Bear Mtn.

It’s time to hit the trails. With the favorable weather and plenty of sunshine, now is the perfect time to hop on a bicycle or slip into some hiking shoes and explore the natural wonders of Old Forge and its surrounding areas.

The first thing to know about hiking or riding in the wilderness is that it is very different than walking around the block or even in your neighborhood park. The excitement and beauty of hitting the trails are what draws people outdoors, but it is important to properly prepare yourself.

First, stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water before your ride, and bring enough for the trip. While special clothing is not necessary, dress in comfortable, breathable fabrics. Dressing in layers isn’t a bad idea, and know where you are going, take into account the terrain as it applies to your experience and skill levels.


BikeFor Cyclists:
Safford Pond: a 4.5-mile trail that connects Big Moose Lake and Lake Rondaxe. Beginner/Intermediate trail starts on Big Moose Road and ends on Ronaxe North Shore Road.

Seventh Lake Trail: Located in Inlet, this trail runs along Seventh Lake for 4.4 miles. Intermediate difficulty level, with a single track and fairly level terrain. Lots of places to stop and swim or enjoy the lake along the way.

Black Bear Trail to Bug Lake & Morgan’s Miles: 7-Mile Inlet and Raquette Lake trail has some flat dirt roads that are great for beginning bikers. There are also some more challenging off-road trails for more advanced riders.

TOBIE Pedestrian and Bike Path
This bike path connects the communities of Thendara, Old Forge, Big Moose, Inlet, and Eagle Bay (TOBIE).


For Hikers:
Bald Mountain is probably the classic hike, perfect for beginners or those not looking for much of a challenge. It is a short hike to the peak and fire tower and offers perfect views of the wilderness and Fulton Chain of Lakes lakes.

Cascade Lake offers a very nice hiking trail without too much tough terrain. This 6.4-mile loop of the trail provides between three to five hours of AdiroHikersndack beauty. Cascade Lake is located right off Big Moose Road in Eagle Bay, NY.

Rocky Mountain is one of the most popular hikes in the Old Forge area. The short distance and easy terrains make it perfect for families and even your dog.

Moss Lake, located three miles from Eagle Bay is a two and a half mile trek around the lake. This easy hike offers great scenery.

After a day of outdoor Adirondack Adventures, end the evening under the stars at Old Forge Camping Resort or at Old Forge’s Premier Hotel, Water’s Edge Inn.