Fall Foliage

EOF_webFeature_FallFoliageWhen you think of fall, the first thing that comes to mind is the beautiful combinations of colors in the soon to be falling leaves. Each leaf a different shade of orange, red and yellow can be found in the Adirondacks. The peak of the fall season is late September & early October when those vibrate colors are covering every mountain and valley through the entire Adirondack Park.


Wednesday, October 4th, 2017 Report:

Although it has been a strange year with color change in the area, the feeling and color of fall is still in the air!  With cold temperature in late summer, color change started quickly, then temperatures warmed up and seemed to have stalled more change. There is still quite a bit of red, however many of those leaves have fallen, while other trees are just beginning to change.  Fall is a lovely time to get out, take a scenic drive or a a nice hike and we think there’s still time!

10.2.17    10.3.17   IMG_1689

Aerial Photo Credit: T. Brosemer

Photo Credit: Water Safari Resort

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 Report:

Percent Changed: 75% NEAR PEAK

Report: We can’t believe how fast the leaves are changing this year! We’ve already reached 75% of full peak—35% more than 5 days ago—and we still have 11 days until October! Vibrant reds, oranges, yellows, and pinks can be seen all over Old Forge!

9.17.17 9.17.17 #2 9.15.17


Photos courtesy of Todd B. of Old Forge N.Y.

Friday, September 15th, 2017 Report:

Percent Changed: 40%

Report: Fall foliage changes are here! The leaves around Old Forge are changing with lots of reds and purple with some orange and yellows emerging.  We anticipate leaves to be changed about 40%. We are almost half way already- it is going faster this year!

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Photos courtesy of Todd B. of Old Forge N.Y.

Check back for more updates as the colors change.

If you are planning a trip this fall, now is the time to make reservations!  Check out our Lodging page to see all of the beautiful places to stay in Old Forge & the surrounding areas. Old Forge, NY is right in the heart of the Adirondack Park, making it the perfect place to take in the beauty of Autumn and the clean crisp air. Here are some great spots for you to take in all of the beauty in Old Forge.

McCauley Mountain Chairlift

Take a scenic chair lift ride at McCauley Mountain and see all of the mountains around the Fulton Chain of Lakes.

Bald Mountain

The classic hike of Old Forge, if you haven’t done this in the fall you haven’t seen beauty!

Rocky Point

A brisk & easy hike to the summit giving you a view of the Fulton Chain of Lakes and all the beautiful foliage surrounding.

Moose River Plains

North of Old Forge, in Inlet, NY, view the plains surrounding the Moose River. A different view of leaf peeping from the ground level.