Old Forge Scavenger Hunt

May 23 2019

Parents, are you looking for children’s activities to curb the “I’m bored” complaints? How about a scavenger hunt for the whole family! Turn your next Old Forge adventure into mysteries – the kids will be asking for more adventure! How many Old Forge ‘must see’ destinations can your family check off?

Hop in the car and head north on 28, let the adventure begin!

For Kids and the Young at Heart:
One attraction that should be on everyone’s list is to take a picture with Paul Bunyan. Paul Bunyan has been standing tall at Enchanted Forest Water Safari for many years now and is the focal point of the park. For years, guests have been taking their picture with the tall Paul Bunyan and continue to do so year after year. While you’re visiting Enchanted Forest Water Safari make sure to take your picture with Paul Bunyan and have the memory for years to come. Even the dogs enjoy having their picture taken with Paul Bunyan.

Paul Bunyan and friends.
Located on Main Street in Old Forge New York, the Candy Cottage is a delightful experience of aromas and taste.

Take a ride on the pink carousel horse in front of the Candy Cottage. The Candy Cottage has been around for over 20 years and is your one-stop shop for all types of delicious candy and fudge.

However, those are not the only things to check out while you’re there. The pink carousel horse ride has been in front of the Candy Cottage for many years and has been putting a smile on children’s faces ever since. Make sure to have your coins ready and take a ride on the carousel horse. This is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.

For Adults:

The kids are not the only ones who can take part in this scavenger hunt. Here are some places for the adults to explore and enjoy!

Take a hike up Bald Mountain. Bald Mountain is a popular destination for many visitors because of the picturesque mountain and lake views. While hiking up Bald Mountain you will experience the beauty of the Adirondacks, and of nature. The hike up Bald Mountain is about 1.9 miles, and from the moment you begin, you will experience beautiful viewpoints from all along the trail. While on the trail make sure to view the Bald Mountain fire tower.

Bald Mountain Fire Tower

The fire tower offers views of the mountains and of the lakes in all directions. Taking a climb up to the fire tower is a sure stop for many. Make sure to capture the beauty of the hike by taking pictures to share with friends and family. Hiking up Bald Mountain can be enjoyed in all seasons, with gorgeous views year-round.

Take a drive to McCauley Mountain! McCauley Mountain is another one of the many mountains located in the Adirondacks. McCauley mountain is a popular destination for skiers in the winter because of their twenty-one slopes and trails, with trails and slopes available for beginners and seasoned professionals.

However, in the summer McCauley mountain has a summer scenic chairlift ride, hiking, and biking areas, along with picnic and playground areas for all ages to enjoy. The chairlift allows guests to enjoy the incredible views of the mountains and the Fulton Chain of Lakes, without having to hike in order to enjoy the views. The chairlift ride is open through the summer and into the fall; which will allow you to see all of the beautiful fall colors during the fall foliage. Make this a short trip, or make it a full day excursion, but make sure to take advantage of the beautiful sights and sounds of McCauley Mountain.

For Everyone:

Are you looking for family-friendly activities that are suitable for all ages? Learn about some fun and exciting family-friendly activities:

Take a ride on the Adirondack Scenic Railroad! The Adirondack Scenic Railroad has a station located in Thendara and can be seen on your drive into Old Forge. The Adirondack Scenic Railroad offers many different types of scenic train rides throughout the year and is a popular stop for many.

You can take the train from Thendara to Otter Lake, or you could take the train from Thendara to Utica, all while enjoying gorgeous views from the train car. They also offer special seasonal rides and have various themes for the train rides throughout the week. Such themes include a clown train, a Loomis gang train robbery, and a magic train. Taking a ride on the Adirondack Scenic Railroad is a great choice for everyone to enjoy the scenic views of the Adirondacks, while also enjoying a ride on the historic train and railway system. Make sure to make this a stop on your next Old Forge adventure!

See who can spot the most deer! There are always deer nearby while in the Adirondacks. Even when walking through town, deer sightings are frequent – walking around in the grass, eating, and even holding up traffic, so they can cross the street. Caution deer crossing! However, deer are not the only animals that can be seen in Old Forge, there are also ducks, loons, and bears; oh my! While you’re out and about exploring Old Forge make sure to take a look at all of the animals that are walking around, and even take a picture. Turn it into a game for your friends and family to see who can spot the most animals during their day in Old Forge.

** Make sure to not get too close to the animals, you do not want to disturb or disrupt them. Please note that feeding wildlife is against the law, do NOT feed them**

When visiting Old Forge there are many sights, sounds, and attractions to experience. Make your trip a memorable one by making it a scavenger hunt! How many of these sights, attractions, and animals can see? Check off your list during your Old Forge adventure. You could even make your own scavenger hunt and see what other places there are to explore.

Take the family to Old Forge and explore all that it has to offer!