Adirondack Life vs. City Life

Oct 4 2017

There’s a never-ending debate on which type of environment is a more desirable to be—the city, or the countryside, or in our case, the Adirondack Mountains. Although there are some things that the city offers like restaurant opportunities, sports arenas, and career opportunities, we’re confident that in the end, the ADK is a the more desirable place to be. It’s got the breathtaking views, the peace and serenity, and the fresh air, which we’re going to discuss.

With that being said, here is our compilation of the top 4 advantages that makes being in the Adirondacks more enjoyable than being in the city, although there are plenty more! Enjoy!

#1 Getting Around

Jammed Subway Boat

When you’re in the Adirondacks, you can kiss cramming yourself into a jam-packed subway car goodbye. Even though traveling via the subway or other public transportation methods might seem easier, it’s not a pleasant experience trying to get around the city. In the ADK, there are more relaxing ways to get around town. You can take a boat across the lake or hike up the nearest mountain. In the winter seasons, you can bust out the snowmobiles, snowboard, or skis for a more exuberating way to get around! Even if you have to drive, forget about all the traffic. There’s usually another route, so you won’t be late. You’re more in control, and there’s plenty of free parking!

#2 Pollution/Air Quality

Pollution Fresh Air

Take a deep breath. Don’t worry—that’s the fresh air you’re smelling, not the garbage that you can’t seem to get away from in the city. Not only does city air smell bad, but it’s terrible for your health! You can read more at, where Laurie Winkless explains it further.
Because we’re surrounded by trees, and other natural air filters, you can breathe in confidence that the air you’re breathing isn’t tainted by car and factory exhausts.

#3 Peace and Quiet

Peace and Quiet - City Peacwe and Quite - Lake

Let’s talk about sleep.

Sounds of the city keeping you awake? Can’t seem to get away from the cars, trains, and sirens? You’ll never sleep so peaceful than you will in the Adirondacks. Instead of the bright car and skyscraper lights, you have to close your shades just to get away from, the twinkling stars are your nightlight. And without all of the buildings and streetlights, you can actually see the stars! Not only do the stars help, but you have the calming waves or crickets to lull you to sleep. For the full experience of sleeping in the Adirondacks, check out Old Forge Camping Resort!

Stressed out?

When you’re stressed out, the city is the last place you want to be. You’ve got to walk fast, keep up with transportation and, again, can’t get awake from the noise. That’s the not the case here. In the ADK, you’ve got an endless array of ways to relieve the stress of the everyday grind. You’ve got many different lakes that you can sit by or take a boat out on to reflect and get your head on straight. You’ve got the gorgeous views to help you take you take your mind off whatever’s going on. You can take a peaceful hike and explore to free your worries. Being so close to nature can really give you that peace of mind. Take your pick!


We saved our personal favorite for last:


View - Appartment View - Bald Mt
When it comes to sight-seeing and outdoor enjoy-ability, nothing beats the Adirondacks. The fall foliage during the autumnal months, the mesmerizing snow-covered peaks in the winter, and the gorgeous greenery the rest of the year will knock you off your feet all year long. Whether you’re on top of a mountain looking down, or down by the lake at Water’s Edge Inn looking up, rest assured, you won’t see anything like it anywhere else.


In conclusion

Being in a city offers some conveniences, there’s no doubt about it. But for a more enjoyable experience, you’ve got to go with the Adirondacks. Getting around is much more relaxing and easier than navigating your way through a busy city. The air quality up here is so much better—not only the way it smells but the benefits it has on your body! You’ll get the most rejuvenating sleep in ADK, no doubt about it! Get away from the lights and noise of the city and sleep like you never have before in the mountains. The sights and views in the Adirondacks are to die for! In the city, you see buildings, huge groups of people, and nonstop traffic. In the ADK you get stunning views of foliage, awesome mountains, and wildlife that you won’t see anywhere else.