A Summer Night on the Town

Jul 14 2020
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A summer night with your family in Old Forge can be spent doing so many different things. A great place to start off with is the Adirondack Pizzeria and Arcade!

The Adirondack Pizzeria and Arcade was the first pizzeria in Old Forge and it’s on its 38th season this summer! This classic spot is definitely a place you want to stop at. They don’t only just make great pizza from scratch; their menu also offers a variety of other great things! While you wait on your food, you and the family can go play games at the arcade! They have tons of different games, so children and adults of all ages will find a game they love!

After you are all done with your pizza and games, a family stroll is in order. Enjoy the unique shops on the main drag, Route 28. The one of a kind Old Forge Hardware a unique store with all the knickknacks you didn’t know you were looking for. Browse the aisles with everything from kitchenware and gadgets to tools and Swiss Army knives.

Looking for a special something to remember your trip to Old Forge? Wander over to Souvenir Village. Accomplish some of your Christmas shopping now with exclusive Old Forge-made gifts of stuffed animals, mugs, magnets, necklaces, and so much more. Your family will enjoy browsing and you’ll love getting ahead on your list!

Calypso's Cove Family Fun Park | Zipline, Go-Karts, Mini Golf, Old ...

After all of that browsing and buying, your family will be ready for even more fun at Calypso’s Cove!

Calypso’s Cove is the perfect family spot with endless rides and games. Your family can do anything from go-kart races, ziplining, to rock wall climbing! If you didn’t have enough fun with the arcade games at the Adirondack Pizzeria, there is also an arcade here too! Calypso Cove offers so much fun right in one spot!

After that long day what better way to end the night than with ICE CREAM! Benny’s ice cream is the place to go!

Benny’s is rated one of the best ice cream places in Old Forge! They serve the finest custard with so many flavors to choose from! Benny’s also takes pride in buying local so everything they serve is from New York State dairies. So not only are you enjoying their amazing ice cream, you are also supporting the local community! It doesn’t get much better than that!