Winter Snowfall

With the winter season approaching, it’s time to get your snow shovels and snow blowers ready as the Old Forge area prepares to transform into a winter wonderland! (Even though it seems hard to believe with the lovely fall weather the area has experienced recently) Visitors and local Adirondackers alike are no stranger to chilly temperatures and heavy snowfall, especially in Old Forge.  It’s no wonder why we’re the snowmobiling capital of the east!  According to, Old Forge has an average winter snowfall of approximately 180 inches (15 feet)!  This upcoming winter has an estimated snowfall of about 170 inches (14 feet)! For all of you snowmobilers and winter enthusiasts this is great news; but for the rest of us let’s get our favorite mug ready for the hot chocolate and time by the fire. says January has the highest average snowfall in Old Forge, with a total of about 50 inches (4 feet). That is about 1 ½ inches per day! The month with the least amount of average snowfall is May, with a total of 1 inch, thankfully!   Keep warm this winter and share your winter experiences with us on!