Stephens Pond

Stephens Pond is a scenic hike surrounded by the Blue Ridge. The trail is about 6.6 miles long and hikers can gain access to it from the Lake Durant State Campsite. There are slight raises in elevation throughout the hike, however it is overall an easy to moderate hike.

Tirrell Pond

Tirrell Pond is an easy 6.5 mile hike around the pond that is surrounded by mountains and heavily wooded areas.

Vista Trail

Vista Trail is a difficult 4.4 mile hike best suited for experienced and ambitious hikers. This is best described as a long ridge-top route with many ups and downs and several steep areas. Hikers will find some beautiful views along the way to the top as well as at the summit.

West, Safford & Goose Ponds

This is a relaxing 7.8 mile hike through various wooded areas and ponds. In addition, hikers are able to veer off course to a waterfall that is located off of West Pond – this is something that is not feasible during the winter months.

Wilson Pond

A beautiful walk in the Blue Ridge Wilderness will get you to Wilson Pond. The total distance of the hike is 5.8 miles and is considered to be easy to moderate. Hikers will also pass Grass and Slim Ponds during their hike.