Middle Settlement Lake

Middle Settlement Lake offers two trails with possible looping – An easier 6.4 mile or a more difficult 7.2 mile trail. If you choose the trail that comes in from the North, you’ll pass many boulders that will eventually lead you to the lake.

Mitchell Ponds

The moderately easy 3.8 mile walk or bike ride along Mitchell Ponds is over mostly flat and level terrains. There are two ponds that are partially separated by a peninsula and completely surrounded by cliffs and mountains.

Nicks Lake Loop

The Nicks Lake Loop is an easy 6.4 miles and is near to the Nicks Lake Campground. Along the trail, hikers and bikers will find a boardwalk set over some wetland along with many white pines and beaches.

Old Dam Trail

The Old Dam Trail is an easy 1.2 mile walk alongside an old dam and pond that was once used to help float logs downstream. Hikers also have the option to go off onto a 3 mile trail that leads to a series of waterfalls.

Owls Head Mountain

Owls Head Mountain is a moderate 6.2 mile hike that starts out level and gets a bit steeper as you go on. Once you get to the top, there are spectacular views as well as fire tower that has recently been restored and opened to the public.

Pigeon Lake Wilderness Loop

The Pigeon Lake Wilderness Loop is a moderate 8.2 mile trail that lines many beautiful lakes and wooded areas. In the middle of the loop, you’ll find a small peninsula situated on Queer Lake as well as a heavily wooded section filled with caves and boulders.

Rock Lake

Rock Lake provides an easy hike around the beautiful lake that is surrounded by mountains. The hike is a flat and easy 1.6 miles.

Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain is a great hike for those who are looking for a rewarding view for a short hike. The top of Rocky is just 0.5 miles from the trailhead and has a great view of Inlet and the Fulton Chain of Lakes. This one-mile round trip hike is perfect for families with younger children, or those with a limited time frame.

  • State Route 28
  • Inlet, NY
  • 13360

Sargent Ponds Loop

Sargent Ponds Loop is an easy 6.5 mile trail that runs into some of the blown-over pines left from the July 1995 storm. Hikers will also run into four ponds that are considered to be brook trout waters.

South Branch Trail

The South Branch Trail is a moderate 7.8 mile hike or bike. Those traveling on this path will enjoy a trip into Remsen Falls, which is a beautiful spot on the Moose River. Once you reach Remsen Falls, you’ll find a handicap accessible picnic table which is can be driven to after you obtain a permit from the DEC.