Death/Secret Falls

Death/Secret Falls is a 50-foot long cascade near Golden Beach State Campground in Raquette Lake. The name of the falls derived from Death Brook, the creek which the falls empties into.

Rock Lake

Rock Lake provides an easy hike around the beautiful lake that is surrounded by mountains. The hike is a flat and easy 1.6 miles.

Wilson Pond

A beautiful walk in the Blue Ridge Wilderness will get you to Wilson Pond. The total distance of the hike is 5.8 miles and is considered to be easy to moderate. Hikers will also pass Grass and Slim Ponds during their hike.

Cascade Pond

The beautiful walk out to Cascade Pond is about 5.6 miles with a few steep ascends and descends. This trail is considered to be of moderate difficulty.

Lower Moose River

The Lower Moose River has 17 miles of demanding rapids. This route is for expert whitewater rafters, only.

Great Camp Sagamore Lake Trail

This 3.7 mile loop is an easy and scenic trail that is full of history. The trail itself is set on an old carriage road that hikers can explore or you can choose to pay for a guided tour of Great Camp Sagamore – once a summer home to the Vanderbilts.

Stephens Pond

Stephens Pond is a scenic hike surrounded by the Blue Ridge. The trail is about 6.6 miles long and hikers can gain access to it from the Lake Durant State Campsite. There are slight raises in elevation throughout the hike, however it is overall an easy to moderate hike.

Sargent Ponds Loop

Sargent Ponds Loop is an easy 6.5 mile trail that runs into some of the blown-over pines left from the July 1995 storm. Hikers will also run into four ponds that are considered to be brook trout waters.

Tirrell Pond

Tirrell Pond is an easy 6.5 mile hike around the pond that is surrounded by mountains and heavily wooded areas.

Buttermilk Falls

Buttermilk Falls has a short and quite popular trail that leads hikers to many large flat rocks that they’re able to stand on and watch the river and its waterfalls. The half-mile round trip is well worth the drive, with beautiful photo opportunities next to the roaring falls. Reach the trailhead by traveling on North Point Road in Long Lake.