Meet the Insiders was created by the family-owned operators and team members of Enchanted Forest Water Safari, Calypso’s Cove, Old Forge Camping Resort and Water’s Edge Inn along with their advertising firm, C & D Advertising.

The website brand’s goal is to act as a destination guide for visitors to the Central Adirondacks as well as a local resource guide providing directory services and information to the community.

Katie Wojdyla, Co-Owner and Director of Marketing at the four businesses, felt the area needed a one-stop place to get all the info that they needed in the area.

“I see this website as a driving force for area business to promote themselves, and a place where visitors can find everything they’d want to know about the area in one place.

Although we’re promoting the Central Adirondack Region, we chose Experience Old Forge as the name, after various brainstorming and focus group research sessions.

We decided Old Forge was the term that most people identified with the area.

I will note however that each town in the Central Adirondack Region has its unique appeal and reason that it’s special, so that’s why we’re focusing on the Region.

It’s a place I call home and that home encompasses all the other towns in this region.

I’m very interested and committed to keeping and the social media side of the brand up-to-date and interesting and would love to have regional assistance from locals and visitors.

Please contact me directly to learn more about how you can contribute to this endeavor and be a part of making the Central Adirondack Region, the place to visit!”
Katie Wojdyla